Final Paper Project (40%)

This is a project in 3 parts. Students will choose from a list of topics on gender and sexuality in early Latin America and write a 8-10 page historiography paper on their chosen topic. A historiography focuses on the methods, theories, arguments, and evidence that historians have deployed in approaching a topic. This is a different approach to a paper than making your own narration of the topic. The key phrase here, which you will become accustomed to in other assignments, is “[Historian] argues that… “

Part One: Choosing a topic and making a preliminary bibliography. Due September 28th. Your preliminary bibliography should consist of 8 academic articles and monographs on your topic. 10 points.

Part Two: Chose four sources from your bibliography and write research memos on those sources. Due October 22nd. 20 points.

Part Three: Your full paper. For further instructions, see here. Due: November 23rd. 70 points.

Weekly assignments (40%)

Most weeks, students will write a research memo or a reaction paper from the week’s readings. Due on Fridays.

Self-evaluation on participation (20%)

Students will write a self-evaluation of their work and participation over the semester. Explain how your skills and mastery of the material has developed, and what you found most rewarding and most challenging from the course. Make a list of each class you did not attend, and explain why you were absent. Refer to this rubric for your evaluation. Give yourself a grade.

Due: December 7th.