1. Participation. (20%)

    This course requires your active participation. We are a small class, and each student is expected to attend and participate in every planned meeting. If you cannot attend our Zoom sessions, please let me know ahead of time.

  2. Weekly Assignments. (30%)

    There will be weekly assignments– small tasks related to note-taking, summarizing readings, researching, building bibliographies, etc. Most of these will be graded for completion.

  3. Making of a Revolutionary Paper. (25%) The first of two intensive writing assignments, this paper asks you to craft a historical argument for how Ernesto Guevara became a revolutionary. The assignment asks you to think seriously about the ongoing tension between structures and agency in history. You will need to find at least three readings outside of class readings to use in this paper, related to the time, place, etc. that you choose to focus most closely on.

  4. The Apotheosis of the Che Paper. (25%) Your final paper asks you to craft a historical analysis of the life, death, and afterlife of Guevara, and make an argument for how the image and ideas of Che morphed after his death. You are encouraged to find images, cultural artifacts, archival resources for this paper, and may use it to contrast, for example, Che’s image to the fate of revolutionary movements in the Americas.