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in-class writing (30%)

Occasionally, at the start of class, you will be asked to write a short paragraph or take a quiz on the day’s or week’s readings. These will be graded as either 0 (did not respond to the issues), 1 (shows knowledge of the text’s issues), or 2 (shows knowledge of the text’s issues and relates them to our course’s themes). You get two free misses for any reason whatsoever. But this also means that any misses over two will count regardless of excuses. Note that a score of “0” is one you’d probably like to drop as your free miss. In other words, don’t do what some have in the past: skip two classes and then get sick for a third, because that third, sick miss will count.

in-class exams (20% each)

There will be two exams- a midterm and final.

get rich in Latin America (15%)

Time to play turn-of-the-century Shark Tank. Only, you won't be pitching an invention, you'll be pitching investment in the Latin American export boom of the early 20th century. Thanks to a StoryMap put together by Latin American Historian Casey Lurtz, we are going to read some early investment literature, and students will write a pitch to try to convince your TA to invest their millions in your project. Please follow the instructions on Get Rich in Latin America.

film reaction (15%)

Students will view, research, and write about Jayro Bustamante's La Llorona (2020), a film that uses the genre of horror to process the trauma's of Guatemala's civil war and genocidal policies towards Mayan communities in the 1980s. You must write a 4-6 page analytical review of the film informed by a set of provided sources. There is a description of the film, instructions, etc. located here..