1. Weekly Reports: (30%)

Each week, students will write a 1 page paper that synthesizes the readings, and connects them to weekly themes in class. Weekly Reports are due by midnight on Thursday, uploaded onto Canvas. The report will respond to all three of the following prompts:

  1. Identify at least one concept, event, claim, or proper noun mentioned in the readings that is unfamiliar to you. Use Reference Tools on the Internet or in the library to look up information about it and report your findings, along with the source(s) of any information you find. Anything that could be answered with a fact-check, quick definition, or basic research might be included under this prompt. Be sure to indicate when you are quoting directly from another source by using quotation marks.

  2. Identify one of the Questions or Themes raised in earlier weeks that one of the assigned readings helps to answer. Then explain why you think this source sheds light on this specific question.

  3. Connect at least one of the readings to the lectures from the week they were assigned. How do the readings complement or contradict or expand on topics discussed in class?

The entire report will be no more than about one typed, single-spaced page.

  1. Exam 1 (20%)

The midterm.

  1. Film Reaction (15%)

For the first of two reaction papers, students will write an analysis of the film Motorcycle Diaries. The paper will be 3-5 pages long. We will watch this film in class the week after Spring Break.

  1. The Little School Reaction (15%)

For the second of two reaction papers, students will write a 2-3 page analysis of The Little School.

  1. Exam 2 (20%)

Exam on the second half of the semester.