To be the first of several weeks worth....

Hello professor, teaching assistants, and my peers!

I just finished managing to set up my blog (which is quite different from the old blog format of Myspace if anyone can remember that phase) and I’ve decided to celebrate the only way I know how: coffee. I think the Starbucks on campus have definitely gone down in quality, but that’s just my opinion. But it’s awesome how I’m the only one who orders a cold beverage so my order is quick to deliver, instead of waiting behind every hip or scene kid that wants that darn hot peppermint mocha. Who the hell wants to drink peppermint anyway?

By the way, I have already found my project group. Unknowningly, 4 of my peers from my History 499 seminar class have also decided to bless their presence in History 475 and, dare I say it, I am grateful. Now I don’t have to bother with that nasty “Hello… I don’t know you but I would like for you to trust your grade in my irresponsible hands” moment.

Oh darn, look at the time. I must run. Maybe I’ll use this thing as a comfortable outlet for my rage regarding classes. Or maybe I’ll just ignore it until I have to complete my assigned blogs. Eh.

Emma Lee
(Emily Allsbrook)