The mission - Church Conflict

             The mission is an interesting movie that really brings up some interesting questions about how the church reacts in times of turmoil. It shows just how far they will go to protect what they believe in even if that means breaking some of the basic principles of the catholic church and its guidelines. A good example of this could be the willingness to go to war in order to protect what the missionaries saw as right in the eyes of God and the church. There are a brave few people willing to stay and protect the missions from the papal representative. This man sees the land as his since it had been sold to portugal leaving it up to him as to whether or not to allow the Guarani tribe to continue living on their native land. The answer to this question becomes crystal clear in no time as the negotiations between the church and invading forces continue. 
            Using God to say that he has spoken to you and told you that he wants a certain group to move out of an area when in reality it’s for your own gain is perhaps one of the greatest sins a person can commit. This seems to be a true violation of even the most fundamental human rights. It tackles the issue of slavery and greed all in one with the invasion of the Guarani tribe. This is a group of people who have lived in the same area for presumably generations and have made this there home and place of worship. When all it takes is one mans word to end this legacy and bring large scale violence and murder to there doorstep.
             Although the film has it fair share of inaccuracies it’s still brings about strong emotions in respect to the sad fate of one of the last few self-sustaining tribes left in the area. This makes the viewer question the true motives of the invading forces of the time. Saying that God had changed his mind and wanted the Guarani to move out of there homeland is an atrocity. It shows the true evil side of human nature and delves deep into just how far certain people will go for more power and respect. 
             One major difference between the film and the readings and research done by Saeger was the relationship between the Jesuits and Guarani missions. Although these seemed to benefit the tribe greatly through trade when it came time to change their views and agree with the missions they were not so easy to give up. In the film it seemed as if it was easy to talk the tribe into submission this was certainly not the impression I got from the readings. 
            In my opinion I think they could have done a better job of portraying the Guarani people and what they really stood for. You got some sense of what was important to the tribe and a brief look at some of their practices and system of rule. But after reading about how the society truly was and behaved I found many stark contrasts between fact and the movies portrayal.