Med-student to Revolutionary Leader?!?!?!

In the Eduardo Elena article, it is pointed out that Che’s story is a changing one, from an asthmatic medical student to a revolutionary leader. How does this extreme transformation take place? The movie Motorcycle Diaries lets us know that in Che’s early twenties he enjoyed traveling and had a passion for seeing the world. The Elna article explains how Che’s entire life he traveled. But the article points out that we receive a distorted picture of Che. We didn’t get to see Che’s social position in Argentina, and the rest of Latin America. Elva points out how Che would travel with very little, and he was just shy of his medical degree and sets off on a voyage, he is breaking all norms, this is a great predictor  of his future rebellion against class norms, cultural expectations, and political trends.
Che is drawn to others and his writings from his travels show a Nationalist Perspective. Che traveled thousands of kilometers across Argentina by hitchhiking, bicycling, etc. He met many Argentinans in his journeys. Che felt the pain of the travelers he encountered. Che traveled with a different paradigm; he traveled with a very minimal budget. Through all of his migration he met all different kinds of people; from rual migrants searching for work to other Argentinians traveling for the fun of it. I believe this has a lot to do with our original question: “How does an asthmatic medical student become a revolutionary leader?
He seen all types of different people with many diverse problems, and every person he ran into, their problems weighed heavily on him. Che also had a very big heart, in the film Motorcycle Diaries this is best seen when he gave the beloved fifteen dollars he had from his love to the mining couple. I think his pig heart played a major role in his transformation to a revolutionary leader. By seeing all the problems of the land firsthand, and his big heart gave him extreme determination to help these people. I also believe the vast amount of people migrating to the large cities during his travels also opened up Che’s eyes. Elva article explains how Che’s writings explain how he avoided larger cities, he was more focused on meeting the rual folks of the land. I think this also says a lot about Che, he wanted to connect with the people of the land, and their migrating to the big cities was contrary to Che’s purpose of seeking their places of origins according to Elva article.
In his travels Che came across you Bohemians who greatly influence him as a leftist Revolutionary. He also encountered the vision of partisan organizations. Che mainly tried to distance himself from Pernist Nationalism, prob why he chose to travel outside of Argentina. He remained aloof to politics in his teenage and early twenties. IRONIC. The Anti-Peronist Che tried to flee from this and left Argentina but soon found Peronism didn’t end at Argentina’s borders.
The Drinot article explains how Che sees the indigenous people in Peru, unlike any people he had ever encountered before. Che viewed these people as if they were animals, yet he still felt extremley burdened in his heart from their pain and problems. In the film you can see how Che is bothered when he looks back at the boat with the poor people on it. Also how Che did not wear gloves to the leprosy colony shows how he is for equality, it burdened him that the sick and the healthy was segregated by the river. Zulawski believes Che had a skewed perspective of social problems and the people of Bolivia during the revolution. Either way we know Che felt extreme empathy for all the people he came in contact with and was very passionate that Revolution was needed.
In the film Che states that Revolution should be indigenous…everything unites us nothing separates us. His wheels were turning about Revolution. I believe there were many components that transformed Che from a asthmatic med student to a Revolutionary. The fact he got to see first hand the problems of the people, the political situation, and his personality, his huge heart made enhanced his drive to help these people.