Gabriela- The film

           Gabriela A story of crimes of PASSION.  It is actually sort of a strange film based in Brazil. Its two main characters of course include Gabriela, the main servant to Mr. Nacib.  The two are involved in a weird and passionate domestic, sex fling.  This movie had A LOT of SEX!! Its true, but it was quite interesting, in how it focused on the society of Brazil and how sexual these characters where.  Adultery was the central theme of the film.  Gabriela was the ultimate sex symbol from the first scene in the film.  When they first showed her, we all noticed quite quickly that she was very beautiful as she instantly started flirting with the camera.  She is a super adulteress  The film really got going when we saw a man stumbling out of the building after killing his wife.  He had aparantly walked in and found his wife with another man in bed and killed her and her lover.  In Brazil this is acceptable. If a man found out that his wife has indeed been unfaithful, he reserved the right to kill her and her partner.  These characters all loved extremely hard.  They were all extremely passionate and seemed to do anything for love, money,power, or sometimes sex.  It seems that the act of adultery drove each character to be involved in a criminal act or some sort of compromising situation.  Focusing on the crime specifically, there seemed to be a  lot of guns in the film.  Mr. Nacib waves a gun in the air in the scene in which Gabriela first shows up at the bar.  The man who killed his wife and lover in the beginning also carried a gun.  We also see Mr. Nacib later in the film assaulting Gabriela and her his best friend with a gun when he discovers them in bed together.  He decides not to kill the two, so he opts to just beat each of them like they stole something!  Members of the Brazilian town frown upon Mr. Nacib since he did not complete the act that he was once so adamant about.  Mr. Nacib declares that he will skip town to avoid the ridicule.  The correlation between the readings and the film were not spot on.  It was made clear that all cases of infidelity had murders. It does not really make sense why Mr. Nacib does not kill Gabriela and her adulterer.  He makes it very clear how he feels about women that cheat on their husbands.  In the end the marriage is annulled but Mr. Nacib throws a curve ball at us.  Gabriela reappears and once again seduces Mr. Nacib.