Si se puede - a popular slogan for both presidents and dance teams in Disney movies

The film Our Brand is Crisis was a documentary showing the events that lead up to Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada becoming president of Bolivia and the events that followed. It ultimately showed that strategies that are successful in American political campaigns are not a sure win everywhere else. Most of the impact in the film came from interviews with the American strategists involved. For example when asked about the press, one said “Who cares what they are asking. Just make your point”

The first article focused on the Washington Consensus. It was practically a tornado of destruction leaving behind a “flattened Mexico” according to the author James Cypher.
One of the main issues was finances. Mexico was in a terrible deficit, with huge debts and it was a vicious cycle. Cypher stated it was essentially the best example of failure in Latin America, specifically the New Economic Model. Then capital started coming in during the early 90s, but according to the author much of it was sketchy money. Basically the money was being swapped around amongst a group of elite. This obviously in no way helped the majority of people, especially the struggling lower class. The end of this private enterprise mindset is a win to the author, but only the first step on a long road to a victory.

The second collection was written by a self proclaim economic hit man, with gang like rules; one of those was once you begin, you are in it for life. This article is filled with personal biases, visible because the author had no problem expressing his opinions and emotions. He spoke about Ecuador and the immense debt, and how they had to sell a precious resource, their rainforests, for its oil. The author also took time to explain that many of the upper dudes like heads of state are being killed but it us covered up and called an accident. Influenced by a Peace Corps seminar, the young author was just getting started. After his service in the Corps, he began working for a somewhat off the map company, whose vice president he met during his stent in Ecuador. He said his job was very risky and stealthy. He essentially used his money and position to get power, the ability to manipulate entire countries in his hands. He was told by his teacher Claudine that they were just carrying on a proud tradition. Later he speaks about multiple presidents dying, and how we are in an age of amazing transformation.

In conclusion, this documentary shed light on the struggles of Goni and his campaign. It also proved that one’s job is not done once you have won the election.