You know, it is really disheartening to compare this film and Evo’s campaign to that of Goni. In Goni’s documentary, Evo is portrayed as some heathen, leading the rebellion after Goni has won. But since, in the end, it turns out that Goni could not follow through on his promises, Evo does not look so bad after all. Evo uses a totally different way of campaigning, getting out there and seeing and talking to the people, something that with Goni, was like pulling teeth to get him to do.  Evo is just presented in a totally different light. He is shown as someone who really cares about the people, while Goni s shown as an educated man who knows what is best for the people, even though they may not like it.

With that being said, it was really disappointing to see Evo was just as full of it as Goni. While Evo was supposedly the crusader for those like him, the coca growers, those who work hard for what they have but still barely survive,  he is also just another politician. It was very interesting to see him being questioned about who it was that owned too much land, who’s land needed to be redistributed to the people. He made the comment that he was not going to name names, but there were many who had too much land that was not being made use of, nothing was being grown on it. That giving people this land would be like giving them a way to survive. Previously, the party had went to Evo’s farm. Repeatedly, he talked about how productive his land used to be and how uncared for it was now. Well if you want to push so hard for redistribution of land, why don’t you being with yourself!! Show that you are not just all talk like all the other politicians! (All of my blogs are already completed that just upset me so bad i had to rant about it!)