Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys is the story of how Miami came to be a place of Drugs, murder and corruption.  The 2006 documentary focused on the drug wars of the 70s and 80s, and shows how the focus on drugs shifted from marijuana to cocaine because it was a more promising and lucrative business.  The film tells the story of several drug king pins such as Mickey Munday, Jon Roberts, and Griselda Blanco.   The film is sort of reminicent of Scarface and tells true story if murder and the Cocaine Cowboys.  The film actually shows how “investors” took the time and money to smuggle cocaine into the country and the most effective ways to traffick.  There were huge planes that these men would buy and fly from Colombia  up Florida’s west coast.  These men were masterminds that were part of elaborate schemes in order to keep this under wraps and individuals would go to any lengths to keep this ring moving.  The people involved made Millions of dollars that they kept in offshore accounts and even buried in the back yard.  The film showed that these were real criminals that were ruthless and not affraid to kill for money or principle. 

I actually enjoyed the rawness of the film, but I wish that it had showed the corruption of the government more in the film.  I think that this is a very important aspect of the whole “drug trafficking” trade.  People knew what was going on, but in America when it comes to money people have to keep secrets.  People were buying lavish homes and bulletproof cars! So, there was no secret that large amounts of money were circulating within the city, but it was not just the drug dealers that were pushing this dirty money.  Military officials and other government officials were involved with this tremendous drug ring.  Documents prove the CIAs involvement with the drug trade.  There is evidence that certain individuals knew about the goings on of individuals involved in the “business”, yet did not disclose information.  Government officials allowed rebel groups such as the Contras to sell drugs in America in an effort to raise money to buy arms.  Youngers article discusses the political corruption of the military and how farmers worked to produce more coca.   These US trained soldiers are taking advantage of these poor farmers and the production of Cocaine as well as the fight to end the drug wars go hand in hand.  There is so much involvement with the government, Youngers called the eradication efforts in Colombia “Counterproductive.”