Cocaine Cowboys

This week’s film is entitled Cocaine Cowboys and emphasis’s on the matter of the results that occurredin Miami, Florida in the eighties due to cocaine embezzlement. Cocaine began toarrive from Colombia when brutal Colombian lords began to  move to reside in Miami. We see from the filmthat the drive to become highly profitable and successful from this drug drovemore individuals into falling into the business creating both a murder capitaland bringing a death toll of two deaths per day on average. This statisticderived after the shoot-out incident in Dadeland mall over the drug cocaine. Mainconsumers of this drug was not primarily people who we would associate with beingdrug dealers, or users but were people such as guerrillas backed by the Reganadministration. We would assume these types of people would overcome againstthe use of drugs instead of contributing to the depressive state of Miami.According to Gary Webb the reporter of San Jose Mercury News he stated thatCalifornia crack cocaine days can be linked to the Regan administration aswell.
The film also shows us that entering through Florida to smuggledrugs or immigrants was very easily done. Castro began sending prostitutes,homeless, the disabled in order to clean up Cuba, however these peoplecontributed to raising crime in Miami. Police officers were very much neededthat there was even a point to where restrictions towards being a policeofficer were lowered. This allowed  justabout anyone to become an officer and work to protect the citizens from crime.
According to the Conrad, cocaine and convert operations theNSC supported the use of drug money in order to fund the contras. Two DEAagents stated that Oliver North wanted to take the 1.5 million in cartel bribemoney and give it to the contra. These reports have been linked to be relatedto reports that occurred over a decade before this trial in 1987.
Younger’s speaks about drug trafficking and the major imposesit does to a government, police enforcers, and the increased crime rates thatoccur in poor, parts of the cities. Drugs being transported through air, boats,and the brutal killings that occur from wrongdoings be done in these drugrelated scenarios presents the reality and seriousness of this one single drugsuch as Greselda Blanco and her massive death killings. Citizen security isalso diminished which means more recruits are needed but due to drugrestrictions in the area police officers were still highly needed until thedrug restrictions were lowered to 10 years without drug use, and then to fiveyears, and lastly  you had to arriveclean in order to receive a position as a police officer in the state ofFlorida.