Che- Part 1

Che the movie is made in two different parts.  Part 1 takes places during the July 26th movement, where at this time Che is interviewed by Lisa Howard.  Che gives a speech in which he bashes American imperialism, stating : “Our share, the responsibility of the exploited and underdeveloped of the world is to eliminate the foundations of imperialism: our oppressed nations, from where they extract capitals, raw materials, technicians and cheap labor, and to which they export new capitals — instruments of domination — arms and all kinds of articles; thus submerging us in an absolute dependance.” (Tricontinental)

Che’s idea of fighting against imperialism is interested in that he thinks that fighting with militia against an army may lead to success.  “There are three fundamental contributions in the situation in America.  First, people’s forces can win a war against the army. Second, it is not always necessary to wait for all conditions favorable to revolution to be present; the insurrection itself can create them. Third, in the underdeveloped parts of America, the battleground for armed struggle should in the main be the countryside” (Guerilla Warfare)  This excerpt states that the fights should also take place in the country side versus in the urban area where potentially more damage could be done.  

Above all, we must emphasize at the outset that this form of struggle is a means to an end. That end, essential and inevitable for any revolutionary, is the conquest of political power.”(Guerilla Warfare)
This statement is a very strong one because with this you see that warfare is never about keeping the peace, no matter what anyone says.  There is always the urge to gain power.  History repeats itself and if someone is given the chance to gain power, in any shape, way or form.  They are going to do so.  This is what Che attempted to do through the Guerrilla warfare.  

All in all, one cannot assume that because someone is trying to change something that it will go peacefully.  One must assume that gaining power is always the main objective.  In this case Che achieved the same through the supporters of the revolution.