There are many different movies that depict history.  Some are more accurate than others and some focus on different things or themes I should say.  In the movie Titanic for instance the movie focuses on the love story between Rose and Jack, while also telling a very accurate telling of what happened on the night that the ship went down.  In the movie Camila the director attempts to focus on parts of the story that make the character Camilla more of a powerful woman.
     Throughout the movie Camila is faced with different trials.  Being the one that started a relationship with the priest she goes against everything, to include how she had been raised and what she had grown up with, to include how she grew up with relation to the church.  Growing up a Catholic, it was forbidden to fall in love with your priest.  In the end when she is shot she is carrying the priests child which did not keep her from being shot.  She is just like everyone else.  Being treated the same as if she were a man.  If they were equals.
     During the movie Ladislao shows that he cares about her, but when things get hard he turns to faith.  Camila having left her family and everything she knew and while not being as religious as Ladislao she in return has nothing to turn to.  It can be thought that she had a harder time running away than he did just because she was ‘alone’ and he had his faith.  This is just another example of how she was depicted to be a strong powerful independent woman in the movie by Bemberg.
     Not only does the movie show Camila being a strong and powerful independent woman.  It also shows that throughout the movie the historical aspects.  That the dictator sentenced people to death regardless of what the law originally stated.  Not only in the case of Camila but in other instances as well.  It is also interesting how the firing squad had no problem at all with shooting a man but when it came time to shoot Camila who was also pregnant the squad members had a harder time, but later did so because they themselves were threatened to be killed otherwise.  Are genders still looked at so differently now-a-days?  Would it be harder for a firing squad member to kill a woman as it would be a man?  Why is this the case?  Is it because women are portrayed to be weaker and put on the earth to have children and care for others and by killing one we are taking away more than just the one life that is at hand?
    At what point in time did things change and people became equals?  Has this ever happened?  When is it that women no longer have to fight to be heard or to get what they want out of life, to be happy and not feel like they are over looked by men.  Will this day come?  As a female, one can only hope.