The film Camila is about a love affair between a Catholic priest and a headstrong passionate young woman from a wealthy family. It was a forbidden love but very strong and true. Camila had to abandon her family and her belongings, while Ladislao had to turn his back on the church and they ran away to start a new life to be together.
 In those times the sons did not choice their own career paths but were chosen by their fathers and extended families. The eldest sons would inherit the family’s land and wealth then the younger sons would get a career in the military or the church. Since Ladislao’s family had strong political ties it would be assumed that it was not his decision alone to join the church. While Camila was in jail she claimed that Ladislao was forced to join the church which is why his vowels were not valid.
Based on Stevens readings it says that most information was about Camila and hardly any about Ladislao. That is probably because his highly political family wanted the scandal as under wraps as possible.
In the movie it portrays Ladislao as a Jesuit. But that cannot be so considering that four years before he arrived in Buenos Aires Rosas discharged the Jesuits from that province. He accused the Jesuits of being pro-Unitarian and treason because he was mad they that tried to remain neutral and would not use their schools and churches for pro-Federal propaganda.
Ladislao’s sermon from the movie could not have truly taken place, for after such an outspoken attack on his regime Rosas would have sent one of his assassins to handle and silence the perpetrator.
According to Stevens’ readings Camila’s father was not as ruthless as he was portrayed to be in the movie. His letter to Rosas was dated nine days after they actually left. And I was believed that he only sent it after it was believed that Rosas already found out about the scandal from his own daughter, Manuelita, and it is also possible that the news spread from the family’s servants. It also says Camila’s father tried to put the blame on Ladislao which was probably his way to try to save his daughter claiming her innocence.  
According to Harts readings an interesting part of the movie was left out. The party the lovers get caught at was to celebrate Camila being pregnant. Also the party was held by the Justice of the Peace who unknowingly to him was having a party for his outlawed grandniece