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history 561 | fall 2020

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The Spanish Inquisition lives on in the popular imagination more than five hundred years after it was established in 1478. Monty Python taught us no one expected it. Mel Brooks turned it into a song. This dark humor worked to de-fang an institution associated with the worst impulses of religious intolerance and persecution. This course will look at the long history of the Spanish Inquisition on the Iberian peninsula and in the Americas to go beyond secret trails, torture, and autos-da-fe to understand why the Inquisition was established, its institutional role was in Spanish rule, and its legacies for the modern world.

course objectives

  1. Students will build familiarity with the broader historiographic development of research on the history of the Spanish Inquisition.

  2. Students will be able to identify the source base, theoretical emphases, and empirical methods that cluster around the specific activities of the Spanish Inquisition on the Iberian peninsula and in the Spanish Empire.

  3. Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze, synthesize, and communicate in written and oral forms primary and secondary sources on the Inquisition.


Required Books:

One of the following three:

And then the rest…


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