1. January 14, 2019: Introduction


  1. The WHOLE Syllabus!

Origins of Revolution

2. January 21, 2019: Lecture/Discussion


  1. Chasteen, Born in Fire, Ch. 6-7.
  2. Donald F. Stevens, Based on a True Story: Latin American History at the Movies, Intro and Chapter 1.
  3. Tom Gunning, “Making Sense of Film.”

Due: Précis on the three!

3. January 28, 2019: ¡Que Viva México!


  1. Meyer, Sherman, Deeds, The Course of Mexican History, Chs. 8-9.
  2. Stephen Hart, “Que Viva México!”, pp. 17-24 in A Companion to Latin American Film.
  3. Chris Robé, “Enstein in America: The Que Viva Mexico! Debates and the Emergent Popular Front in US Film Theory and Criticism.”

Due: Précis

4. February 4, 2019: Soy Cuba


  1. Chasteen, Born in Fire, Ch. 8.
  2. Susan Eckstein, “The Impact of the Cuban Revolution: A Comparative Perspective,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Jul., 1986), pp. 502-534. (Available through JSTOR.) OR Alejandro dela Fuente, “Race, National Discourse, and Politics in Cuba: An Overview.” Latin American Perspectives 25.3 (1998): 43-69. (Available through JSTOR.)

Due: Précis

The City

5. February 11, 2019: On the City Lecture/Discussion


  1. Excerpt from Alma Guillermoprieto’s The Heart That Bleeds “Mexico City” pgs.237-258.
  2. “The Drive-by Victim” in Citizens of Fear: Urban Violence in Latin America. pgs.130-137.

Due: Revolutions Paper, Précis

6. February 18, 2019: Cidade de Deus


Due: Précis, Topic+Films

  1. Julio César Pino, “Labor in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, 1940-1969,” LAP 25.2 (198): 18-40.
  2. Ney dos Santos Oliviera, “Favelas and Ghettos: Race and Class in Rio de Janeiro and New York city,” Latin American Perspectives 23.4 (1996): 71-89.

7. February 25, 2019: Bus 174


  1. “I saw a City Invincible” pgs xi – 57.

Due: Précis

8. March 3, 2019: Counterrevolution and Dirty Wars


  1. Thomas C. Wright, “Chile Under State Terrorism,” in State Terrorism in Latin America. Chile, Argentina, and International Human Rights (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007), pp. 47-94.

Due: City Paper, Précis

9. March 10, 2019: Roma


  1. Joseph Pierce, “Roma is a Beautiful Film of Indigenous Erasure”

  2. Celeste González Bustamante, “1968 Olympic Dreams and Tlatelolco Nightmares: Imagining and Imaging Modernity on Television,” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, 26.1 (2010): 1-30.

Due: Précis

10. March 17, 2019: Rest

It’s Spring Break. I hope that you’re taking a break, for at least most of the week. Then, get back to work people.

11. March 24, 2019: The Violin


  1. Jorge Mendoza García and Victoria J. Furio, “Reconstructing the Collective Memory fo Mexico’s Dirty War: Ideologization, Clandestine Detention, and Torture,” LAP 43.6 (Nov 2016).

Due: Précis, Final Project Bibliography

12. March 31, 2019: Indigenous and Modern


  1. Carlos Figueroa Ibarra, “A Mexican Bolshevik in Central America,” The Guatemala Reader.

  2. Government of Guatemala, “Most Precious Fruit of Revolution,” The Guatemala Reader.

  3. John Charles Chasteen, “Atlantic World,” Chapter 3 in Getting High: Marijuana through the Ages (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).

Due: Counterrevolutions Paper, Précis

13. April 7, 2019: Birds of Passage


  1. William Avilés, “The Wayúu tragedy: death, water and the imperatives of global capitalism,” Third World Quarterly 20.9 (2019).

  2. Andrés López Restrepo and Álvaro Camacho Guizado, “From Smugglers to Warlards: Twentieth Century Colombian Drug Traffickers,” Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 28.55-56 (2003).

Due: Précis

14. April 14, 2019: Ixcanul


  1. Commission for Historical Clarification, “Acts fo Genocide,” The Guatemala Reader.

  2. US State Dept & Embassy in Guatemala, “We Cannot Confirm nor Deny,” The Guatemala Reader.

  3. Amanda Alfaro Córdoba, “Can Maria Speak?: Interpreting Ixcanul/Volcano (2015) from a decolonial perspective,” Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinema 15.2 (2018).

Due: Précis

15. April 21: Discussion of your projects

Due: Indigenous Modernities Paper