1. Participation. (15%)

    This course requires your active participation in film discussions and lecture. All students must participate in discussions and as we dissect the films.

  2. Reading Précis. (30%)

    For each assigned reading aside from the text book, students must write a research précis to be turned in on the day that reading is assigned. Instructions for how to write a research précis are available here. You do not have to write the full memo, but I would encourage you to do so for readings that support your final project.

  3. Film Papers. (30%)

    After each pair of films, students will write a 4-6 page paper critiquing the films using the provided readings. Each paper should include a short overview of the plots, the important characters, and a discussion of the historical themes that they embody. Then, with reference to the readings, evaluate the historic merits of the film. Analyze the readings in the context of the film, and the film in the context of the readings.

    It is up to you which historical themes you decide to emphasize from the theme, but you must be able to connect them to specifics in either the primary or secondary readings at your disposal, and the content of our lectures and discussions.

  4. Final Project. (25%)

    For the final project, students will choose a pair of films or a television series of their own, assemble a set of readings, and write an evaluation patterned on our regular papers.