week 13 – disruption, reform

This week, we look at the early transformations of the colonial relationship after the Spanish War for succession. We’ll do this through readings and film, with the recently released Zama (2018). Consider the reforms posited by José Galvez, and reactions to them that fall short of open rebellion.

November 12 (Tuesday) – remaking the americas

  • “José de Gálvez’s Decrees for the King’s Subjects in Mexico (1769, 1778)” in Mills, et. al., Colonial Latin America, pp. 270-273.

November 14 (Thursday) – who is the target of reform?

  • Pamela Voekel, “Peeing on the Palace: Bodily Resistance to Bourbon Reforms in Mexico City,” Journal of Historical Sociology, Vol. 5 No. 2 (June 1992): 183-208.