Your grade in this course is based on four assignments:

  1. Reading Memos. (30%)

    Each week, students much write a research memo for the day’s reading. Instructions for how to write a research memo are here. The purpose of the research memo is to habituate you to thinking historiographically and synthetically about the content across the semester.

  2. Mexican Sportsman Paper. (25%)

    Students will write a paper on the culture of sport in the American Colony in Mexico using a month’s worth of the Mexican Sportman newspaper from the 1890s.

  3. Book Review. (25%)

    Each student will write a critical book analysis of Heather Levi’s The World of Lucha Libre, and analyze Mexican wresting from the perspective of a sports historian.

  4. Final Essay. (20%)

    Students will write a final essay based on a prompt provided by the professor, and due during the final exam period. This essay will need citations, and will challenge the student to synthesize the course as a whole.