Your grade in this course is based on four assignments:

  1. Reading Memos. (20%)

    Each week, students must write a research memo for an assigned reading, marked in the syllabus. Instructions for how to write a research memo are available here.

  2. Book Responses. (30%)

    Each student will write two form book review papers during the semester. The first will be on Anderson’s Carlisle vs. Army. The second will be on Whitford’s A Payroll to Meet.

  3. Solutions Paper and Presentation. (25%)

    In small groups, students will pick an area of sport reform, summarize its history, problems, and possible solutions, and present their solutions to the class.

  4. UNC Scandal Paper. (25%)

    The final grade for the semester will be to write an response to the UNC academic scandal utilizing a specific course document set and the book Cheated.