a latin american history seminar


Welcome to History 561: Readings on the Spanish Conquest.

This semester offers a deep dive in to the literature on the Spanish Conquest, particularly for Mesoamerica.

The course website is divided into three different sections:

A fourth section, Latin American in the News, provides convenient access to a collection of news feeds on Latin America. Each semester that I teach Latin America, students are surprised at the extent to which issues we cover in class connect to current day news stories in the region. Through we have no requirement to do so, I would encourage all of you to peruse the feeds as we go along this semester.

The syllabus section includes information on all course policies and requirements. The assignments section includes information describing the two forms of assignments we have for this semester, review essays and leading discussion.And, of course, the calendar section contains the schedule of class meetings and readings.

Please take some time to read through the syllabus before the first day of class. Note we have some suggested reading for that first class meeting.