a LatAm History Class


  1. Reading Memos (25%)

    For each assigned secondary reading, students must write a research memo to be turned in on the day that reading is assigned. Instructions for how to write a research memo are available here.

  2. Book Review (20%)

    Each student will write a formal review paper of James Wadsworth, Agents of Orthodoxy. This book is on the Inquisition in Brazil, and your review should extend the normal research memo to a review that compares Wadsworth’s portrayal of the Inquisition in Pernambuco to New Spain. DUE: April 19.

  3. Midterm and Final Exams (20% each)

    There will be two in class exams consisting of short answer and essay questions. You may bring printed copies of your reading memos to aid in your exams.

  4. Trial Discussions (15%)

    Most Thursdays, we will be reading and analyzing cases to understand what Inquisition sources offer the modern historian. Your participation in those discussions will determine this part of your grade.